Sailing voyages at the Adriatic sea:

Route 2: Montenegro. Along the whole coast in 7 days (option 2)


Bigova is about 11 sea miles away from Budva. In case of good weather conditions it will take less than 2 hours to get there. Because of that, you should put to the sea before 3:30 P.M. and do not forget to take a weather forecast from a manager of the SimpleSail base.

After seeing your yacht and buying necessary goods you can enjoy Budva and walk along amazing beaches nearby the marina. Moreover, do not forget to visit a viewing platform to take some photos of an island SvetiStefan, which is one of the symbols of Montenegro.

Bigova is a small village in the Traste Bay, which has recently become a popular resort. Normally, you will be given a reliable mooring buoy, but if you are lucky, you will be moored at the pier. To get on the land use your inflatable boat.

You can also order an outboard engine for tender when you book a yacht on SimpleSail.


You are going to have a 3-hours voyage. There is a grotto Splava Spilja in about 5 miles from Bigova, Refraction of the sunlight in the purest water surface creates unique lighting effects, painting the walls of the grotto and the sea in fantastic shades of blue.

You can come to an anchor near it for a couple of hours, it will be enough to swim and look over the cave.

On the way to the Tivat you will enter the Boka Kotorska. Often it is called the southernmost fjord bay in Europe. Just before entering the Tivat, on the right side you would see the church of St. Mary on the island Gospa Od Milosti and also an abandoned island Sveti Marco.

After that, you should go to the PortoMontenegro. It is one of the best premium marinas in the Mediterranean. When you will come there, you will think that you are in the Monte-Carlo rather than in Montenegro. Use VHF on CH16 for communication with port staff.


Now you will have a plenty of free time, as voyage to the Kotor will take only 1-1,5 hours. You can walk around the marina and visit Lido complex, which is next to the Porto Montenegro Yachts Club.

Lido, or Puro Beach, is a large open pool with a wonderful view to the bay. It is one of the 16 best pools worldwide. In addition, there is a restaurant Rooftop with an exclusive cuisine and a nightclub Scaramanga. All in all, everything is made in order to give you a rest.

On the way to the to Kotor be careful when you will cross the Lepetane-Kamerani ferry line.

After the passage of the narrowest part of the bay, you will be able to admire a town Perast in front of you and on the left you will see 2 islands. First one is a beautiful man-made island Gospa Od Skrpjla. The biggest building on this island is the church of Our Lady of the Rock. The second island is Sveti Djordje with a closed Abbey. Unfortunately, you won't be able to moor there by your keel yacht, but photos and videos which you will take during this route will definitely become hits of your home media library for a long time.


Kotor is the major touristic Mecca of the Montenegrin coast. This city gave its name to the deepest bay of Adriatica.

Considering the fact that today's crossing will take about 2 and a half hours, we recommend to spend the first half of the day by walking in the authentic streets of the old town and get on the top of the vallum.

There are Southern, Northern and Main gates, which lead to the city.

They are called "nautical" because of their location in front of a harbor. There is a marshal Tito’s phrase on top of them, which was written in honor of the city's liberation from the fascists: «We do not need anything from others, but we will not give anything from us too».

On the way to the Herceg-Novi pay attention to the coastal town Prcanj. It is famous for the largest Catholic Church in the bay. There are some private piers, which are suitable for mooring, and lots of fascinating restaurants with Adriatic cuisine.


Herceg-novi is located in the northern part of the Bay of Kotor. First of all, it is a town of fortresses, which have made it famous and they still attract lots of tourists every year. It takes just 10 miles to get to the nearest Croatian island of the south Dalmatia and about 32 miles to the Dubrovnik.

Today you will sail for approximately the same distance, but in the opposite direction. Our way leads to the Bar. In case of a good weather conditions, it will take about 6 hours.

When you will be close to the end of the bay, you will find a Bastille Mamula on the left side.

This fortress was built in the middle of XIX century and it has saved its formidable and at the same time exciting look until nowadays.

After arriving at the bar, we highly recommend you to visit Palace of King Nikola, Omerbasica Mosque and Ruins of the Cathedral of St. George in order to feel the atmosphere of an old town.

In addition, you can have an unforgettable diner in a cozy and delicious restaurant with a national Montenegrin cuisine «Konoba Spilja».


Today you will need approximately 5 hours for a crossing (there and back). So when you will plan your mooring in riviera of Ulcinj, do not forget about returning back to the marina in Bar before the sunset.

SimpleSail suggests you to visit magnificent Valdanos Bay, which is just 3,5 miles before the Ulcinj. It is one of the best places for a beach vacation. It is so romantic and beautiful, that ones you’ve been here, you will never forget these breath-taking views.

For those tourists who want to feel the atmosphere of a pirate romance, it is a good idea to spend some time in an old part of Ulcinj and its castle. Despite there are no marinas, you can always come to an anchor, as it is very good sand there.

And if you are moored at the pier, do not forget about ships, which often sail there.

In 2 miles southeast there is Velika Plaza beach, which is 13 miles long. It is famous with its dark tiny sand and unspoiled nature.

If you have enough time, you should definitely come to an anchor there.


The last crossing of this route will take approximately 2 and a half hours. It is a perfect time to feel again a great pleasure from the sea smell, fresh breeze, speed and sense of freedom, which we receive from yachting.

In the middle of our way, not too far from the town Petrovac, bring into view a couple of small cliffs, which rise above the waves. There are islands Sveta Nadelja, which has a church, destroyed from the last earthquake, and Katik.

While entering the Riviera of Budva you will see the largest island in the Montenegro.

It is called Sveti Nikola since the XVI century and it is famous with it's sandy beaches.

Well, the last step of the journey is mooring in the marina Duckley in Budva. Seven-day sailing route is completely over. We hope that you enjoyed your voyage, received positive emotions and got some unforgettable experience.

Thank you for choosing our company. Hope to see you again!

Yours SimpleSail