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SimpleSail - Moorings for your yacht
We will take care of the safe parking of your yacht in Montenegro or Croatia. Several hours, days, months, entire season or long-term parking with the preservation of yachting systems - it's up to you.

You can choose from a luxury marina with a developed tourist infrastructure - hotels and restaurants, or the most economical option for parking at the pier in a sheltered bay. SimpleSail offers a variety of set of services and cost options for parking your ship.

Secure parking of your yacht in one of the marinas of Croatia or Montenegro

The coast of Montenegro and Croatia is characterized by a strong gusty bora wind. A sharp change in the weather - squally wind and severe thunderstorms happen not only in the off-season. Outwardly calm atmosphere at the piers of the Adriatic coast for a few minutes can turn into dangerous. At the same time, even if you are confident that your yacht is moored securely, there is always a risk of a flood of carefree neighbors or a mooring rupture.

In order to minimize possible problems when the yacht is moored at the berth, we take a number of preemptive measures, among which:

  • Periodic general inspection of the vessel and anchoring points of the mooring lines;
  • Control of mooring and shock absorbers, springs and moorings;
  • Storm mooring of yachts in adverse weather conditions.

With a poor forecast, in a strong wind or a storm, SimpleSail personnel are obligatorily present at the berths, ensuring control over the situation, preventing the emergence of emergency situations on their own yachts and vessels of other owners.


Basic marinas SimpleSail

  • Marina MUO (Next to Kotor), Montenegro 42 ° 26.046'N, 18 ° 45.513'E - Video
  • Brdiste Berth, Tivat region, Montenegro, 42 ° 24.137'N, 18 ° 42.299'E
  • Marina SLANO (Next to Dubrovnik), Croatia 42 ° 46.962'N, 17 ° 53.257'E - Video


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