Your new yacht for 50% of the cost
Your new yacht for 50% of the cost - SimpleSail Yacht Owners Program
Take advantage of SimpleSail Yacht Owners Program and become the owner of the new yacht for 50% of the cost and compensate for your yacht operating costs covered by income from the charter.

This offer is for those who want to significantly reduce their costs for the purchase and subsequent ownership of the yacht. You become the owner of a new vessel and in partnership with us earn through the of charter.

What is the main essence of SimpleSail Yacht Owners Program?

We annually replenish our fleet and invite our partners to participate in the program of acquiring new yachts: we finance 50% of the cost of the vessel; you finance the second half. After manufacturing, launching and equipping with appropriate safety systems and additional equipment, the yacht starts work in SimpleSail charter fleet.

Further, in 4-5 years, in accordance with the actual implementation of the return on investment plan, depending on the type of vessel, its cost and the demand for charter services, the yacht becomes yours. During all this time, the vessel carries out all the necessary measures for registration, maintenance, repair and insurance. You can use the yacht for free for your needs for 4-6 weeks a year right after its purchase.

Приобретение яхты за половину стоимости - SimpleSail

Why SimpleSail?

Significant discounts when buying a yacht at the shipyard. Discounts from suppliers for additional equipment. Discounts for insurance of the vessel. Professional staff, full support of the transaction and subsequent operation:

  • Selection of the model and complete set of the yacht
  • Construction supervision at the shipyard
  • Acceptance, launching and transfer 
  • Full cycle insurance support
  • Paperwork, registration
  • Maintenance of the ship operation, current repair
  • Accompanying the subsequent sale (if necessary)

We ensure the maximum possible loading of the yacht in the charter due to the availability of long-term charter contracts with the leading charter agencies all around the world. Importantly, registration of a vessel in Montenegro gives the yacht owners the opportunity to significantly reduce their tax costs due to a zero VAT rate on imported yachts. In case of registration and subsequent operation of the yacht in Croatia, VAT is accrued in accordance with the current EU directive «On the General System of Value Added Tax».

The current proposals of SimpleSail Yacht Owners Program for the purchase of new yachts:

Joint acquisition of Dufour GL460
Joint acquisition of Dufour GL460

This sailing yacht in a 5-cabin configuration is the best option both for the charter and for the use in a sea voyage by the shipowner, his family and friends. This yacht has an optimal ratio of price, quality and comfort.

Joint acquisition of Oceanis 46.1
Joint acquisition of Oceanis 46.1

The new 5-cabin sailing yacht from Beneteau is a great option for saving shipowner's investments. By using this boat in the SimpleSail’s charter, shipowner can reduce operating costs to zero and still be able to use the yacht for personal purposes 6 weeks

Joint acquisition of Astrea 42
Joint acquisition of Astrea 42

This is one of the most popular catamaran models both among the owners and the skippers who rent sailing yachts in the format of bareboat charter. Its 4 cabins and 4 bathrooms allow maximum personalization of the space for guests of of this catamaran.