Sailing voyages at the Adriatic sea:

Route 4: Croatia

South Dalmatia in 14 days

Route 4: Croatia. South Dalmatia in 14 days


This route is approximately 300 nautical miles long. The main part of this voyage will be in the waters of the Republic of Croatia, which is a member of the European Union. You will be able to visit main islands of South Dalmatia, see several natural parks, major tourist centers, small fishing villages and deserted islands.

If it is necessary, SimpleSail experts will help you with preparing documents and passing customs procedures in the ports of Montenegro and Croatia.

After receiving your yacht carefully examine all parts of it and take care of the stock of fresh food and drinking water.

In the next morning, just after receiving all documents for leaving Montenegro from the port authorities, you should start planning first crossing of your voyage from Budva to Dubrovnik (or Cavtat).

In your free time you can walk through the city Budva and visit a luxurious beach, which is located near the marina. Do not forget to visit a viewing platform to take some photos of an island Sveti Stefan, which is considered to be one of the symbols of Montenegro. If you have enough time, we recommend you to visit Petrovac.


Today you will have the longest crossing, which will take about seven and a half hours in case of good weather conditions. It is necessary to check open hours of customs in Dubrovnik and Cavtat, because the point of arrival may depend on it.

Dubrovnik is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Nowadays this ancient city with a rich history is the largest cultural and tourist center in Croatia. There are lots of historical sights in this city. For example, Forts Lovrijenac, Bokar and Revelin, tower Minčeta, Pile Gate, Sponza Palace, Dominican Monastery, the Cathedral, the Prince's Palace and lots of other unforgettable places.

You should be very careful in the port of Luka Gruz, large cruise ships and commercial vessels often come here. If you cannot find a comfortable place to spend a night, SimpleSail recommends to stay in ACI marina, which is nearby 42°40.255 N, 18°7.293 E. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes with Wi-Fi, supermarket and SPA-center with a swimming pool.


While leaving Dubrovnik, pay attention to the 500-meter-long cable-stayed bridge. It is the only one in Croatia and it is an architectural symbol of the city. Its images are often printed on postcards. Car-drivers are able to enjoy fantastic views of the old city from the 150 meters high. The bridge has received two names: Dubrovnik and Franjo Tuđman, because of disagreements between representatives of different political groups.

Than take your way to the Kobaš. This «enchanting bay» is located in Ston channel. Moreover, there is a fishing village with the same name on the peninsula Pelješac. Today's crossing is less than 18 miles. You will exactly enjoy the views of the rocky coast and cerulean bays.

Kobaš is famous for its cozy restaurants, which are following the tradition of natural and healthy Mediterranean cuisine, rich in vegetables, olive oil, freshly caught fish, seafood and wine. Here you can come to an anchor or to a mooring buoy, which is attached to the restaurant. There is another anchorage in Uvala Lupeska, island Olipa, in about three miles away from here.


Take your way to the southeast, to the islands Olipa and Jakljan. When you will pass them, go to the western part of the island Mljet. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands of the Adriatic.

You can come to an anchor in the Polače bay, which is located in the national park of Mljet. Another nearest anchorage can be found by following coordinates: 42 ° 46.979 N, 17 ° 26.457 E. Today’s crossing is about 22 miles long.

The park covers more than 5 thousand hectares of northwest part of the island and the nearby water area. The main attractions of this reserve are the Large and the Small lakes, connected by a narrow channel with the bridge. On the Big lake you would find an island of St. Mary and the ancient Benedictine monastery of the XII century, which is open to visitors.

You can overcome 12 kilometers from Polače with a variety of ways: by van to the town Pristaniste, by bikes or by walking along the forest paths. On the territory of the lakes you can move on rented boats. Next to the pier there is a small restaurant, which is serving local cuisine.


Go to the eastern part of the island Korčula. After arrival, you can moor in the marina ACI, which is close to the city fortress. Crossing will take less than 3 hours, so you will have plenty of time to explore the old town.

Korčula is one of the oldest cities of the Adriatic. It is a perfect example of a medieval Dalmatian town with fortified defensive walls from XIII-XIV centuries, narrow cobbled streets and ancient buildings. One of the main attractions is open to the public Cathedral of St. Mark's, built in 1301. It combines elements of Gothic and Renaissance.

Korčula is one of the esteemed European centers of winemaking. There is everything needed to produce a good wine: fertile soil, warm climate, sun and rain in the desired proportions. World-famous Croatian white wine «Pošip» is produced here.

Croats believe that famous explorer Marco Polo was born on the island of Korčula in 1254.


After replenishment of fresh water and food go to a small island Šćedro, which is located 18 miles away from the Kneza Korčula Cape.

This tiny land is 1.5 miles away from the southern coast of the island Hvar. It is famous since ancient times and it provides mariners with several private coves, well protected from the wind and waves. That is why its name comes from Slavonic “štedri”, which means “generous”.

In one of these bays, at 43 ° 5.740N, 16 ° 42.014E, you can come to an anchor or to a mooring buoy near the restaurant. Another anchorage is located at 43 ° 5.788N, 16 ° 42.485E.

Šćedro is protected as a natural park, which is known for its unspoiled beauty. It is quite small, not wider than 2.5 km. We recommend you to take a stroll from the northern to the southern side of the island along the forest paths. Mostir and Nastane localities are almost deserted nowadays, except for some restaurants and tourist sites. Usually, in the summer season, the island's population is less than 30 people.


Today you are going to the Hvar – a great, ancient city of palaces on the island with the same name. 349 sunny days a year, purple lavender and pink oleander, lots of attractions and mild climate, all these make this place one of the most popular on the Adriatic.

Distance from Šćedro to Hvar is not more than 13 miles. We recommend you not to rush with the mooring and firstly pass small islands Pakleni, swim and fish. If you have rented an underwater scooter Seabob, here are the perfect places to swim with it.

At the entrance to the city's harbor Hvar you will admire Napoleon's fortress with towers and palaces, located on the fertile hill. Main local attractions are Cathedral Svetog Stjepana, Piazza Square, a former Arsenal, Franciscan Monastery and Spanish fortress.

Urban Life never stops here. Coastal restaurants offer more than 700 kinds of Croatian wines. Local cuisine is famous for its meat treats, delicious fish and seafood.


The final destination of this 3-hour crossing is the west coast of the island Korčula and its second largest city Vela Luka.

The first settlements in this area date more than 8,500 years ago. They were found in a large cave Vela Spilja on top of the hill, nearby the town. If it is possible, take a moment to come here.

Numerous churches and chapels with bell towers show rich spiritual life of local people. Croats follow Dalmatian traditions of choral singing "a cappella". Live music, full of emotions from sad melodies, is heard everywhere in July and August during the traditional cultural festival in Vela Luka.

The harbor is located in a closed safe cove at the end of the bay with a coastline rugged by cliffs, pine forests and turquoise sea.

Usually yachts come to an anchor here, but it is also possible to moor to a buoy next to the one of the restaurants. There is a gas station available. At the entrance to Vela Luka be aware of ferries. Nearest anchorage is located in the picturesque Gradina Bay at 42 ° 58.348N, 16 ° 40.413E.


Keep your way to the southern part of the island Korčula, to the Brna. You should hold a small, but at the same time a safe distance from the coastline, in order not to miss the beauty of the infinite number of small coves, bays and pristine islands.

When you will overcome about 7.5 miles, we recommend to pass island Mali Pržnjak from the west and stop for swimming at the northern side of the island Veli Pržnjak at 42 ° 54.377N, 16 ° 41.616E. Bright small sand on the island’s beach and azure crystal clear waters in the strait between the islands are amazing!

Next, go to the island Zvirinovik, sail around it and pass between Korčula and numerous small islands on the right side.

Brna is small quiet cove, which is divided by peninsula Mali Zaglav. Anchorage is located in the eastern part.

Until 70th of XX century Brna was a port for local wine transportation. Nowadays there is a developed coastal infrastructure. There are several piers, mooring buoys, a few small hotels and restaurants, a fitness center.


Take your way to the east part of Lastovo. It is an island surrounded by the 46 other small islands, which form a small archipelago. The length of today’s crossing will be about 22.5 miles. It will take less than 4 hours.

The remoteness of Lastovo has helped to keep its ancient traditions. Annual folk festival Poklad is one of them. It includes an unusual burning ceremony of a dressed up doll, which is thrown from the mountain and it symbolizes the messenger of pirates.

Another local features are "Fumars” - unusual chimneys decorated with whimsical and unique ornaments. Locals have competed in beauty and originality of these structures since ancient times.

Pass the eastern part of Lastovo through the small islands located nearby. There are good places for swimming and relaxation. Next, go to Pasadur in the south side of Lastovo, passing the island Makarac.

In the harbour you will find all kinds of marinas and a safe shelter from the wind and waves.


Today you are going to the central part of the peninsula Pelješac, in the bay Žuljana. It will take about 6 hours.

Žuljana is a Dalmatian oasis with relaxing atmosphere, Crystal Sea and fresh air. The most popular place here is a beach Vucina, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful pebble beaches in the Adriatic Sea.

Main traditional occupations of local people are vine making and olive oil production, so there are plenty of vineyards and century-old olive groves in the valley.

A history of Žuljana begins a long time ago, some of the churches date back to the VI century. And the earliest settlements in these areas, according to archaeologists, refer to ancient Greece.

Geographical location of Žuljana is ideal not only for sailing cruises, but also for surfing and kiting. Also in the village there are several working diving clubs that offer some equipment for renting. In Žuljana there are more than 25 diving spots and a coral reef.


Follow to the northeastern part of the island Mljet, there is a picturesque place called Prožurska luka. Destance from the Žuljana is less than 16 miles. If the weather is good, it will take about 2,5 hours to get there.

The bay is well protected from the winds and tidal waves, as in the entrance of the bay there are several islands. It means that night anchorage is quite safe there. Prožurska Luka is a small fishing village. It was settled in the 80th years of the twentieth century, but now only about 50 permanent residents live there.

Brochures invite everyone to stay in luxurious villas and apartments with spectacular views. In ancient times it was dangerous to live here because of the periodic pirate attacks. Now, of course, it is absolutely safe here, the main source of income in the village is tourism.

We recommend you to climb up the hill by using a mountain road to admire unbelievably beautiful landscape and views of the islands of the bay Prožurska luka and the peninsula Pelješac, which is located on the opposite side of the strait about 4.5 miles away.


At the end of the Croatian part of the route, you should definitely visit the southernmost coastal town Cavtat. It is the largest resort and touristic center like the town Dubrovnik.

The crossing is about 23 miles long and it will take less than 4 hours.

We recommend you to visit these places here: the Rector's Palace, St. Nicholas Church and Convent of Saint Mary of the Snow. You should also walk along the city's embankment and the old town with its narrow and winding streets.

Pay attention to the working hours of local port officials. It is possible that the paperwork on the way out of the country must be carried out in the Dubrovnik. Please check the details of the route on specific dates from SimpleSail managers.

Customs pier in Cavtat is located on the left side of the entrance to the bay and it is indicated by a yellow flag. Approximate time on paperwork is 15-30 minutes.

At night you can come to anchor here or in another bay at 42 ° 34.962 N, 18 ° 13.252 E.


Today is a final crossing of our amazing 14-day sailing voyage. Our way leads to the Marina Dukley in Budva. Estimated time to destination is about 6 hours. But as you know, a way to home always seems to be faster.

In the waters of Montenegro, at the entrance to Boka Kotorska, pay attention to the fortress, located on a small island, it is a Fort Mamula. The fortress was built in the middle of the XIX century, but it saves its formidable appearance till nowadays.

While entering the Budva Riviera, you will see the island of Sveti Nikola and temple of the XVI century located on it. On the island you will also find 3 sandy beaches, cafes, bars and fish restaurant, where guests can order freshly caught fish. The island is densely covered with vegetation. Staying here is a great pleasure.

Finally, mooring at the marina. The route is completely over.

We hope that you have received a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable experiences. Thank you for choosing our company and we look forward to see you again!

Yours SimpleSail