IYT Sailing School in Croatia & Montenegro
SimpleSail IYT Sailing School - Bareboat Skipper Sail / Power и Offshore Sailing
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SimpleSail - official partner school of IYT Worldwide. IYT Worldwide is one of the world’s leading learning systems. We teach sailing and motor yachts skippers.

IYT certificates recognized both by charter and insurance companies and by official bodies in more than 50 countries around the world.

SimpleSail official partner school of International Yacht Training (IYT)

Training program:

There is next courses we offering from basic to advance:
Competent Crew - for beginners who would like to become active crew members rather than just passenger. It is mostly practical course and by the end you will be able to steer, handle sails, keep a lookout, row a dinghy and assist in all duties on board.

Bareboat Skipper - for those who wish to take command of their own yachts confidently and safely or for those who wish to safely charter a yacht for their holiday. Those who have obtained the Bareboat Skipper qualification, can automatically obtain the "International Certificate of Competency" (ICC)

Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore – not for beginners, for those who want to improve their skills and expand limits

All courses can be done with one – sail or power or both sail and power endorsements
Bareboat Skipper qualification includes marine Communications course (Very High Frequency – Short Range Certificate) which also can be done as separate two days course

Our IYT accreditation and skipper certificates
SimpleSail IYT accreditation and skipper certificates forms

The list of courses we offering includes following training programs:

  • International Bareboat Skipper Power and Sail
  • International Crew Power and Sail
  • International Watchkeeper Flotilla Skipper Power and Sail
  • Learn to Sail / Introduction to Yachting
  • MCA ICC 24m Sail, 10m Power Coastal and Inland
  • Powerboat Skipper
  • VHF Marine Communication Master SRC
  • Yachtmaster Coastal Sail
  • Yachtmaster Offshore Power
  • Yachtmaster Offshore Power and Sail

The instructors of our school are friendly and communicative teachers who have many years of experience in marine practice. Despite the complexity and intensity of the course, students easily master the material and in most cases successfully pass the exams.

Welcome to the world of sailing!