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SeaBike 65L
SeaBike 65L 65L - 170

Boat Name: Seabike 65L
  • Speed under water up to: 4,2 km/h 
  • Manufacturer:
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Specification of Seabike Seabike 65L

Speed under water up to
4,2 km/h 
Diving depth
15 m 
Dimensions (L x W x H)
460 х 170 х 170 mm
Weight approx
2,5 kg 

SEA BIKE-65L is a portable water bike designed for fast movement on the water surface and in diving. Made of carbon and titanium.
Its compact appearance and light weight make it easy to transport and store. It allows you to cover distances of several kilometers with moderate energy consumption, save air in the diver's balloon.

The speed of movement in the nominal mode is 1 m/s, the maximum speed is 2.2 m/s.
It is used for swimming both in the sea and in fresh water.

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