Your payment protection - SimpleSail
Your payment protection - SimpleSail
When you book a yacht, you receive a Yacht Pool insurance certificate, from now on the charter is included in the Financial Security System and in case of any problems you will receive your money back.

The client's confidence that his down payment guarantees the provision of services in full with the proper level of quality is crucial when choosing a charter company. Prepayment for booking is a tangible amount. And even a small chance not to get into the charter of the chosen yacht of a certain configuration excites many.

SimpleSail is a reliable partner

SimpleSail has joined the international insurance program Yacht Pool Financial Security System to confirm the status of a reliable partner. For our customers, this means a guarantee of the return of their payment in the event of a financial insolvency of a travel agency or a charter company. Obtaining the status of a member of the Yacht Pool Financial Security System dictates the maximum possible level of responsibility for SimpleSail before the client.

Protecting customers' payments

Sailing as a kind of recreation is becoming more popular, allowing people with an average income to enjoy sea adventures with family and friends. Due to the implemented quality management system, own sailing and motor fleet, as well as a professional team of managers, service engineers, yacht instructors and other personnel, SimpleSail provides an impeccable level of service for renting yachts in Montenegro.

As a member of the Yacht Pool Financial Security System, we additionally confirm financial reliability and stability to our customers, protecting their payments.

Защита платежей клиентов

How it works

At the time of booking the yacht, you get a unique numbered certificate coupon (in paper or electronic form) by an international insurance company with a stamp of Yacht Pool SimpleSail. From that moment on your charter included in the program of Yacht Pool Financial Security System and in case of any problems associated with the inability to rent the yacht for reasons beyond our control, or a travel agency, you will get your money back. For SimpleSail customers, this type of insurance is included free of charge in a standard charter package.
If you wish, you can additionally arrange: insurance of the returned deposit, insurance of the skipper and other crew members, insurance of the cancellation of the bareboat charter and other services. This minimizes the risks of our customers.
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