Cayago Seabob F5
Seabob F5

Cayago Seabob F5

Boat Name: Seabob F5
  • Operating time average: 50 min 
  • Speed over water up to: 15 km/h 
  • Speed under water up to: 11 km/h 
  • Manufacturer: Cayago
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Specification of Seabob Seabob F5

Performance up to
2.1 kW 
Maximum thrust up to
480 N 
Speed over water up to
15 km/h 
Speed under water up to
11 km/h 
Speed control
4 power levels between 0 % and 100 % 
High-Energy Lithium-Manganese accumulators 
Total capacity approx
1.1 kW/h; 48 V; 23 Ah 
Operating time average
50 min 
Charging time (standard charging) approx
8 h 
Charging time (quick charging) approx
1 h 30 min 
Diving depth
40 m 
Dimensions (L x W x H)
1,152 x 507 x 372 (in mm) 
Weight approx
29 kg 
Buoyancy in water approx
14 kg

If you are looking for the ultimate driving pleasure, simply head for the water. No boundaries, no limits. Experience vast open spaces and pure freedom with the SEABOB. Whatever gear you have selected, you will receive an unforgettable driving experience.

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