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Boats and yachts by the pier, Tivat, Montenegro
Caramel Makiyato with megayacht view - SimpleSail fleet base

Tivat is a small pretty resort town on the Adriatic Sea. Classics of the genre. In winter it is tiring, rainy and empty, the coast is flooded with rain. The rainy season - it just sounds beautiful. But in the summer - multi-colored beach umbrellas, a promenade under palm trees on the city embankment, a search for mojito - barmen ended mint. And yachts, yachts, yachts ... Snow-white beauties under sails and motors. Actually, thanks to the yachts Tivat and is becoming more popular every year.

Coordinates on the yacht chart plotter:   42°25.974'N   |   18°41.411'E

The history of Tivat originates in ancient times, there is an opinion that the founders of the first settlement were either Illyrians or Greeks. But, unfortunately, there is no visible evidence of those times in Tivat. From the Middle Ages - the time of Venetian rule in Kotor Bay, in the city there remained a medieval stone tower - the remains of the summer palace of the Kotors aristocratic family. Today, the medieval hacienda is used as an open summer theater venue.

But in the nineteenth century Tivat began to actively develop. The Austro-Hungarians built two shipyards in the Bay of Kotor. One of them is the military Arsenal and has become the city-forming center of Tivat for the next hundred years. In Yugoslav times, it was here, in the Bay of Kotor, Soviet submarines came to service and repair, and Soviet sailors looked with envy at the multicolored Yugo and Zastava parked among the palms.

Lepetane village, Tivat, Montenegro - SimpleSail sailing routes
Lepetane village, Tivat, Montenegro

Several years ago, Montenegro put Arsenal on sale. One Canadian billionaire was not stingy and bought the plant. In the territories of the former factory, he realizes the project of Porto Montenegro - a private port that receives and services private vessels.

Porto Montenegro - SimpleSail

A walk through Porto Montenegro is a must for everyone in Tivat. Here you can see standing alongside mega yachts of Oleg Deripaska and Nathaniel Rothschild, this is where you should look for a tour to a small submarine, and it is here, in the Italian restaurant Al Posto Giusto make the most delicious on the coast of espresso macchiato with caramel syrup. The price of coffee is 2 euros, and in addition to coffee you get an incredible view of the moored yachts and a striped red and white port crane on the main quay - a witness of past times.

SimplesSail fleet is also based here.

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