6 main sea knots
6 major sea knots - you will need a yacht
Your and crew safety depends on how the sea knot is tied. Here we will demonstrate the 6 major sea knots that you will definitely need on the ship.

Sailing directly related to sea knots. This, by right, art goes back to the beginning of the history of mankind's exploration of the marine expanses of our planet. Thousands of thousands of saved lives of travelers - this is the result of centuries of mastery knitting and the use of sea knots. In our hands we have a rope, rope or rope. The fixed end is called the root, and the loose end is called the running end. It is from the running end that we begin to tie the sea knots.

Figure 8 knot

This is one of the simplest and fastest in tying the locking knots. An example of one of the applications on a yacht is a thickening at the end of the rope so that the rope does not fly out of the winch stopper.

Морской узел восьмерка

Square knot

A simple knot used for coupling ropes. There are many variations, for example, for binding ropes of different thicknesses. This knot you can use when towing a vessel to link the ends of your and the towed yacht.

Прямой узел

Half Hitch knot

The main advantage is a tight loop. This knot is also connected with winged phrases: "Three half-hitches are more than a King's yacht wants". Use this knot to attach the mooring lines to the bollards on the shore.

Морской узел полуштык

Clove knot

Half Hitch knot Antipode. Works only under the load. Very quickly and easily tied. On the yacht, fasten the fenders with this knot.

Выбленочный узел


This is a main sea knot. Knowing the bowline, you can attach almost anything; it is always useful to you. The main feature of the Bowline knot is that it does not drag out. Before mooring, tie the "gazebo" on the end of the mooring line to quickly drop it onto the bollard or duck.

Беседочный узел

Cleat Hitch for a Halyard

It provides a reliable fastening with a lock of the halyards to the weft. Always knit this knot from the far side of the duck to the root end! The knot is convenient for use on the deck ducks of a yacht. In the list of knots, there are thousands of variations and hundreds of applications.

Фаловый узел

Here we have published the minimum required list, which the yacht crew must know. We recommend that you visit the https://www.animatedknots.com video site for tying more than 300 knots. Illustrations on the page are also taken on this site.