Skills: how to tie fenders properly
How to tie fenders properly
Correctly fixed fender costing 50 euro will prevent damage to the hull of the yacht worth 500 thousand euros. The video instruction of our friends about how to tie fenders properly.

What are the criteria for determining if the fender is properly attached? Firstly, when mooring we need to fasten the fender quickly; secondly, it often requires an operative adjustment of the height of its suspension; thirdly, perhaps most importantly - the fenders should not leave our ship on their own. Here is the video of Timur Litvinenko on the Podparusom channel.

The ability to quickly and correctly tie knots - one of the most important skills for the yachtsman. We choose the right knot for fenders. Criteria: The knot must be quickly tied, easy to adjust and be reliable so that the fender does not lose.