Bigova fishing village - sailing routes
The fishing village of Bigova, Kotor municipality, Montenegro - SimpleSail sailing routes
Bigova is a small fishing village in Montenegro on the Adriatic Sea, part of the Kotor Municipality (about 13 km to Kotor). There are 114 people officially living in Bigova.

Coordinates on the yacht chart plotter: 42°21.299'N   |   18°42.224'E   

The town is located on the shore of the eponymous bay in the valley of Grbal - part of the municipality of Kotor, located on the open sea shore between the cities of Tivat and Budva. The main occupation of the inhabitants of Bigova and to this day remains fishing, however, due to the presence of the port zone, reliably sheltered from sea waves in a small bay, this place was chosen by the owners of yachts.

The main advantage of the sea coast in the Grbal Valley is the distance from the noisy tourist areas. In this part of the country there are mainly agricultural lands (vineyards, gardens and olive groves), and along the coast there are a few villas and holiday homes. Therefore, the sea water in these places is very clean. Settlement Bigova - a quiet place located in a sheltered from the sea and winds the bay. In the past, pirates hid here from storms and pirates rested from sea robbery, and now fishing boats and yachts of wealthy tourists swing on waves.

The coast near the village consists of beautiful stony beaches and the surrounding air is filled with the aroma of laurel and coniferous trees, very useful for respiratory organs. An additional bonus for holidaymakers is always the freshest fish on the table from local fishermen. There are several restaurants in the town where they prepare an excellent fish soup - chorba, to taste this dish of national cuisine come even from neighboring regions of Montenegro.

Boat parking and beach in Bigova, Montenegro
Boat parking and beach in Bigova, Montenegro - Adriatic sailing routes of SimpleSail

In this secluded place you can relax alone, a small company or even the whole family. In any case, you can find an occupation for your liking - do diving, learn fishing, try kayaking and boating or just sunbathe and swim on the local beach in clear sea water or if desired, you can relax on the sandy beaches of the neighboring peninsula Lustica. And if you want to have fun, then to major cities and various attractions can be quickly reached by car. Also close to Bigova, just 5 km away, is the Tivat airport.

Bigovo is intended, first of all, for a relaxing holiday, but here you can find interesting places. The excursion and entertainment program of the resort is as follows:

  • Fort Grabovac - Austro-Hungarian fortress of the XIX century.
  • Church of St. Nicholas.