Petrovac on the sea - sailing routes
Chapel on the island of Saint Week, Petrovac, Montenegro - Adriatic sailing routes of SimpleSail
Petrovac is a pearl of the Budva Riviera, hidden by its "older sister" - the city of Budva. Perhaps the most beautiful sunsets on the Montenegrin coast are here.

Petrovac is a modern resort town of the Budva Riviera, crowded in the summer months by tourists. You can see several large hotels, an infinite number of apartments and a lot of the sale announcements of apartments in Russian.

Coordinates on the yacht chart plotter:   42°12.11'N   |   18°56.354'E

Classic pastime in Petrovac is lying all day on the beach, an evening walk along the promenade with a demonstration of the wardrobe, and dinner in a restaurant on the same embankment. This is a calm, measured rest, from which you can easily get tired.

For those who like active recreation, water scooters, kayaks and snorkeling around the two islets - Katich and Holy Sunday - are available to choose from.
Names and the church were presented to the islands by sailors who returned safely from distant voyages. 

Beach in Petrovac na Moru, Montenegro