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Pržno was a summer royal residence and now it is a peaceful romantic town. Pink sand, delicious restaurants, friendly people and sea breeze.

Quote: "At the edge of Kamenovo beach (from Sveti Stefan's side) is the restaurant" Kod Zoffa "(" Zoffas "), a cozy place drowning in tropical greenery. A small fish restaurant and a beach for a dozen sun loungers. All the guests are served by the host himself - a swarthy man of short stature. Zoff is a man with strangeness, but nevertheless positive and sociable, a place loved by all the local sailors, so you can always try fresh fish here. "

Coordinates on the yacht chart plotter:  42°16.146'N   |   18°53.423'E

The main attraction of Przno is the beaches. King's Beach, Queen's Beach - only the names speak for themselves. Due to the natural bay, there is practically no wind blowing, so the climate is very even and favorable.

And the Kamenovo beach, located just around the corner, is perhaps the best beach on the Budva Riviera by the sum of the criteria. Kamenovo is a wide and gently sloping beach with pebble and sand-and-shingle coating. Entrance to the water at Kamenovo is gentle, so it is well suited for families with children. The water is clean, transparent and relatively warm. The main advantage of Kamenovo beach is that no coastal village goes to the sea in this part of the coastline. Therefore here even in August there is no crowd.