Super yachts insurance
SimpleSail страхование супер-яхт
The reasoned choice of an insurance broker and understanding the specifics of marine insurance are the main criteria that determine the SimpleSail approach to work with clients in this direction.

This type of insurance is absolutely individual and we call it "quiet coverage", which means that SimpleSail takes care of insurance for itself, starting with the development of an individual insurance product, ending with any issues arising during the validity of the policy.

Insurance plan "Basic coverage"

  1. The personal responsibility of the skipper and persons authorized to operate the boat.
  2. Responsibility for towing on water skiing and lifting the kite from the water.
  3. The responsibility of persons against damage that may be caused to another boat in distress during the rescue operation, if only such a rescue operation is carried out at the request of the person in distress.
  4. Claims of third parties in case of damage to their property or life and health, from the actions of the insured, in cases not caused by industrial accidents of the policyholder.
  5. The liability of the policyholder from direct or indirect impact, which caused damage to nature, including pollution of groundwater.

Baseline coverage facts

  1. Insurance covers the cost of a yacht, equipment and personal belongings.
  2. Coverage costs when the boat is on the water, the shore, during the lifting and launching, transport on the trailer.
  3. Insurance risks: collisions, grounding, complete death, fires and explosions, vandalism, force majeure, lightning and theft (insurance also applies to the trailer).
  4. Coverage of expenses for rescue, on attempts of rescue and elimination of the harm caused to an environment up to the sum noted in the policy.
  5. Covering the costs of the policyholder caused by actions to prevent and reduce damage to 20% of the insured amount.
  6. In the event of a complete loss of the boat, the insurance indemnity shall be compensated for in accordance with its age.
  7. In case of partial damages and breakdowns, the insurance indemnifies 100% of the repair, including transportation costs to the repair site and back.
  8. No franchise if a boat or motor is stolen and a GPS tracker is installed on it or it.

Insurance of passengers against accidents

  1. Insurance is international.
  2. The owner, the skipper and the passengers are insured.
  3. Double payment in case of getting an almost complete disability