Yacht brokerage
SimpleSail - Yacht brokerage
The purchase or sale of a used yacht using the services of a professional representative - a yacht broker.

Why is it beneficial to the ship-owner?

When planning the purchase of a yacht with a mileage, you get help in finding a suitable vessel, a qualified assessment of the technical condition of the selected options, an assessment of the risks of a specific transaction. In most cases, contacting the yacht broker allows you to reduce the price of the yacht you purchase and get the total savings of the transaction. Depending on the home port and the location of your chosen yacht, we independently or through authorized representatives organize an independent audit of the status of individual ship systems and yachts in general.

In the case of the sale of your yacht, we will also offer full support for the transaction, ensure the publication of the announcement on the relevant information resources, guaranteed delivery of information to potential buyers and subsequent communication with them. We will conduct an honest and well-reasoned assessment of your yacht taking into account market conditions. If necessary, we will provide ship repair and pre-sale training

The services of brokerage provided by SimpleSail also include: