Yacht registration
SimpleSail registration of yachts
Registration of yachts under the flag for individuals and companies. Choosing the best option for you.

Where and how to register a yacht? The ship-owner periodically raises the question of obtaining a new or replacement of the old registration (flag). The basic criteria for choosing a flag are the following: the type of registration, whether commercial or private; the possibility of registration for a private or legal entity; cost and term of registration.

Benefits of registration under the Montenegrin flag:

  • The yacht can be registered for both a legal and an individual entity
  • The yacht is exempted from any customs duties and VAT if the owner of the yacht is a non-resident of Montenegro
  • Low registration costs and the possibility of receiving temporary documents for up to 3 months
  • The deadline for the registration completing procedure is about 7 days
  • Clear and understandable requirements for documents and equipment, necessary for the registration of a yacht

To calculate the cost of registration, you can use our calculator, with which you can see a detailed calculation of the cost. When registering, it is required to inspect the yacht of the surface and undersea parts of it, as well as the rescue equipment that meets the flag requirements, if the yacht is not new.

In Montenegro, yachts are registered for 3 years, for this you will need the following documents:

  • Builder certificate
  • EU certificate
  • Documents for the owner of the yacht (a copy of the passport or company documents)
  • Registry power of attorney
  • Proof of ownership - a contract of sale or bill of sale